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Representative Becky Carney, a mother of six and grandmother of 14, has worked hard for District 102 in the NC House. Her dedicated public service has earned the respect and support of her colleagues across the state to advance issues critical to our community and for our children’s future.

“Serving with the citizens of District 102 in the North Carolina General Assembly for the last 18 years has been an honor and a privilege. However, there is much more to do. I need you to stand with me as we work to continue strengthening our public schools for all children; correcting social injustices; sustaining a living wage for all; and building our transportation system for sustainable communities. Putting our state back on the right path will take all of us. Please remember to vote in the Democratic Primary on Tuesday, March 3. Your vote is your voice!  I appreciate your vote and will continue to work hard for District 102!”

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